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内容摘要:Swiss firm disappointed to lose Iran deal to China伊朗协议败给中国,瑞士公司感到失望The Swiss firm Stadler Rail says it is disappointed that it has to ditch ...

Swiss firm disappointed to lose Iran deal to China


The Swiss firm Stadler Rail says it is disappointed that it has to ditch a $1.4 billion railway deal in Iran because of US President Donald Trump’s decision to reimpose sanctions on the Islamic Republic.


The rail group signed a letter of intent in Tehran at the end of February to deliver 960 subway cars, even though it later denied any deal or decision and called it merely a public tender.


Stadler Rail officials, however, have admitted in a recent interview that they were in pole position to carry out the project after signing the deal with the Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran (IDRO).


"The whole thing was exclusive, we were the only company with such a contract," Stadler Rail sales chief Peter Jenelten told Swiss German-language daily newspaper Blick in remarks published on Monday.


He believes that the deal is lost until a miracle happens. "The only hope for us and the Swiss railway industry is that Donald Trump suddenly changes his mind and sanctions are abolished again."


According to Jenelten, “the craziest thing about the story” it that US sanctions should benefit Russia and China in the first place.


"The Iranians cannot wait forever. That's why the Chinese are likely to take the subway order away from us."


He is disappointed. “The Swiss railway companies have invested heavily in the Iranian market. It is frustrating that all these efforts have now been for nothing," Jenelten said.


Iranian officials have announced plans to invest $25 billion over the next 10 years in the modernization and expansion of the country's railway network.


Under the plan, Iran seeks to stretch out the nationwide railroad line to 25,000 kilometers by 2025 from under 15,000 kilometers now.


The Export-Import Bank of China (EXIM) has signed a $1.5 billion deal to finance the electrification of a high-speed rail line being built by Chinese companies between the Iranian cities of Tehran and Mashhad.


In March, Iran’s rail industry got a fresh boost from China’s dedication of $845 million to build a train line connecting Tehran to the western cities of Hamadan and Sanandaj.



Avon15 小時 前
When the West is so obviously using cultural, political, and military means to overthrow the Islamic State of Iran, it is hard to see how any trade of this kind can be carried on.


Truth16 小時 前
No business just afraid of US sanctions you guys are pathetic, and you guys are nothing but worst then cowards who can’t stand in the face of US Zionist regime


Warr23 小時 前
Stand for your people or being american little puddle standing at white house door waiting for food


Warr23 小時 前
No business bcoz of trump,,, wait another 20 years to get new customers,,, swiss can sell ice now


Didiy昨天的 09:22
You can thank your so called "ally" for your misery


Spring Flower昨天的 07:34
Let all the Macrons and Morons from Europe lose their sleep over losing billions of Euros contracts in Iran to Russia and China.


twelver昨天的 05:37
if Europe fail to stand up to the US, and think for their country and their people, they shall remain slaves forever.


Xavier昨天的 05:25
They can't even fart unless Trump allows them to . Sad.


Lookingovermyshoulder昨天的 04:34
They lack confidence in the EU Euro and their own financial systems. Iran will do better with China or Russia in the long term...

Hassan Manik昨天的 04:32
It is a big chance for China to keepup Iranian and Asian transportation system. More money and more powerful.


Just Scanning昨天的 01:52
Hee hee hee! With friend like this who needs enemies. Perhaps china/russia should give some commissons to trump for helping them get the contract😂!


john of w.i.昨天的 01:48
swiss have lost their manhood


Democracy_Fairy_Tale> john of w.i.昨天的 03:28
They never had any to start with..






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